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Antibody engineering & custom production

GTP offers a range of services dedicated to therapeutic antibody discovery and development programmes. These services range from antibody engineering - including humanisation - to the delivery of material of your lead antibody or antibody variants for preclinical in vitro and in vivo assays.

We help you move your antibody candidate from discovery to preclinical development

GTP’s antibody engineering services help you move from your murine mAb to a humanised antibody

GTP has managed hundreds of projects related not only to the production of classical mAbs but also to the expression and purification of modified antibodies such as antibody fusion proteins, bispecific antibodies, and antibody fragments (ScFv, VHH, Fab, minibodies…).

With all the projects delivered at GTP, we have developed an antibody engineering expertise that includes:

Antibody humanisation
  • Hybridoma sequencing
  • Isotype, subtype and/or species switching
  • Reformatting
  • Humanisation
  • Bispecific antibodies design (knobs-into-holes)

      For antibody humanisation, as this step is crucial in the development of your therapeutic antibody candidate, we have partnered with a consultant who has over 25 years’ experience and a successful track record in antibody engineering and development. We offer an original humanisation process in two rounds involving a combination of CDR grafting, in silico molecular modelling and framework optimisation. The objective of this humanisation process is of course to deliver an antibody sequence compliant with the WHO guidelines for humanised antibodies, but also to improve the manufacturability and affinity of the antibody.

With our antibody production services, we provide the material needed for your in vitro and in vivo validations

GTP is able to meet your needs in antibody material for the validation of biological activity, the screening of antibody humanisation variants or for optimisation campaigns  and preclinical trials in animal models.

In order to provide this material in short turnaround times, we have developed an efficient transient transfection platform for the production of antibody quantities ranging from micrograms to grams. With our optimised expression conditions, we routinely achieve high expression yields for a variety of human and mouse antibodies. We have the capability to produce up to hundred antibodies in parallel for screening purposes in either  CHO or HEK cells depending on your requirements.

When required for your project, we can also develop stably transfected pools that offer the advantage of an easier scale-up compared to transient transfection.


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