Protein production in insect cells

Customised services for the production of your recombinant protein in the baculovirus-insect cells expression system

We are confirmed experts in protein production with insect cells and have successfully produced proteins used as targets for therapeutics development, as reagents for diagnostic and analytical assays and for vaccine development programmes.

Unique expertise in protein expression in insect cells

Protein expression in insect cells

The popularity of the insect cell-baculovirus expression system lies in its ability to produce relatively large quantities of post-translationally modified eukaryotic proteins at competitive production costs. Since the system is lytic, it is suited for both intracellular and secreted proteins, and is ideal for proteins with inhibitory or toxic effects on the cell host.

At GTP, we have largely used insect cells to efficiently produce a variety of proteins, including enzymes, receptors, blood factors…

Comprehensive services for successful protein production in baculovirus-insect cells

Baculovirus-insect cells production services

To help you on your way to successful production in insect cells, GTP offers a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Generation of recombinant baculovirus and virus stock preparation
  • Optimisation of cell culture critical parameters, such as insect cell line, MOI, kinetic of expression
  • Development/optimisation of the purification process
  • Scale-up of production up to 50L culture

GTP has expertise with other protein expression systems



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