Antibody & protein production in mammalian cells

Tailored solutions for efficient production of recombinant proteins and antibodies in CHO and HEK cells

From antibody humanisation to transient expression & stable cell line development, GTP’s integrated services help you accelerate your project timelines.

Efficient transient protein expression in CHO & HEK cells

Transient protein expression CHO cells

In order to deliver your proteins in short turnaround times, our expert scientists have developed an efficient transient transfection platform in CHO or HEK cells.

Thanks to our optimised expression conditions, we routinely achieve high expression yields for a variety of proteins and antibodies and are able to deliver microgram to gram-scale quantities in short turnaround times.

Expert antibody engineering and production services

recombinant antibody production services

Our team produces hundreds of antibodies in mammalian cells every year.

Our expertise covers not only the production of classical mAbs but also the engineering, expression and purification of antibody fusion proteins, bispecific antibodies, and antibody fragments (ScFv, VHH, Fab, minibodies…).

For each project, we will design a customised strategy to match your requirements. Depending on your project stage, we will offer to produce your antibodies either by transient transfection or by developing stable pools or stable clones and will design an appropriate analytical package for your application.

High throughput antibody production

high throughput antibody production

To meet your needs during your antibody drug development process, we have developed high-throughput transient transfection services using our optimised in-house protocol. We can conduct hundreds of transfections in parallel in both CHO and HEK cells.

Our services are designed to provide you with up to several milligrams of your antibodies to perform your in vitro or in vivo assays. They start from your antibodies' sequences all the way to the delivery of purified antibodies with an analytical package that can be adapted to your needs.

This service can be combined with our antibody humanisation service for the production of the generated antibody variants.

Antibody humanisation service

Antibody humanisation

CDR grafting, which consists in the transplantation of CDRs from the original antibody into a human framework, is the most common antibody humanisation method. This process is not as simple as transplanting murine CDRs directly onto the most homologous human backbone and a strong experience is required for a successful humanisation (see our blog “Everything you always wanted to know about Antibody Humanisation”).

GTP provides humanisation services through a partner with over 25 years' experience and a successful track record in antibody engineering and development.

Our two-round humanisation process involves a combination of CDR grafting, in silico molecular modelling and framework sequences optimisation to deliver an antibody sequence compliant with the WHO guidelines and with improved manufacturability and affinity.

GTP has expertise with other protein expression systems



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