Upstream process development

GTP provides high-quality mammalian and microbial upstream development services

Our team has extensive experience in the development of high-yielding, robust and scalable upstream processes for a variety of expression hosts.

Microbial process development services

Microbial upstream process development

Our team has 20 years’ experience developing upstream processes with the most prominent microbial strains (E. coli, P. pastoris). We have successfully developed and transferred processes for a variety of proteins such as enzymes, cytokines, antigens, DNA binding proteins and antibody fragments using all expression strategies: cytoplasmic, periplasmic, refolding of inclusions bodies or secretion into the media.

Whether your project requires full upstream process development from scratch or optimisation of an existing process, we will design an adapted development approach to match your requirements. In each case, we will focus on developing a high-producing strain, and a high-yielding, robust and scalable fermentation process.

Our fermentation facilities offer the appropriate equipment to cover every stage of the development process: from 2 to 5L glass fermenters for process optimisation, to 50L stainless s steel fermenters for pilot production.

Mammalian process development

Mammalian upstream process development

Our highly experienced USP team has successfully developed mammalian processes for the production of standard mAbs as well as of challenging antibodies formats and proteins.

Our experience across a diversity of CHO and HEK cell lines - either developed at GTP or transferred from a third party - allows us to develop cell culture processes on short timelines. From media development to fed-batch process optimisation, we have the know-how to deliver highly productive, robust, and scalable upstream processes for a seamless transfer to GMP manufacturing.

Integrated services to support your projects from early phases through to industrialisation

GTP’s activities cover the full development cycle of your biotherapeutics, from supporting early-stage discovery through small-scale protein production to comprehensive process development services leading to cGMP manufacturing.



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