Protein process development

Expert CDMO in bioprocess development for proteins and monoclonal antibodies

With dozens of processes successfully transferred to GMP manufacturing, our team has proven its agility in developing efficient, robust and scalable processes for even the most challenging proteins and antibodies.

Expert CDMO with vast experience in process development for a diversity of proteins

Protein purification process development

GTP is a science-driven CDMO with a with a strong development expertise. We know that the time spent to develop a robust and efficient process is an investment into the future success of your biotherapeutic programme and we will always focus on developing the best process for your specific molecule.

Our team combines a deep scientific knowledge of proteins with an extensive experience in process development acquired through over 1,400 projects managed and more than 800 different proteins produced.

With this unique know-how combined to a strong commitment to projects, we are able to solve challenging issues on very short timelines. We are happy to take on all protein process development projects, even those that do not fall under well-established standards.

Tailored process development services

Microbial fermentation - recombinant protein production

We understand that each customer project is unique. We will design an adapted development approach for each specific protein in addition to providing valuable flexibility and guidance through the project.

We have extensive experience in all prominent industrial microbial and mammalian expression systems and can offer solutions for the expression of all types of proteins. Through our experience on hundreds of different proteins, we have developed the necessary agility to customise downstream processes for every specific case.

Our experience spans platform process optimisation for classical mAbs as well as the development from scratch of efficient processes for challenging proteins.

Integrated services to support your projects from early phases through to industrialisation

Flowchart activities mammalian

GTP’s activities cover the full development cycle of your biotherapeutics, from supporting early-stage discovery through small-scale protein production to comprehensive process development services leading to cGMP manufacturing.



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