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Non-GMP recombinant protein production

GTP’s unique combination of expertise, manufacturing capabilities, flexibility and quality is perfectly suited to protein projects that do not require production under a cGMP environment.

Timely supply of high-quality non-GMP protein & antibody batches

Customised non-GMP protein production services

For recombinant protein development projects that do not require production under GMP-standards, identifying the right service partner can prove quite a challenge. You need the right combination of industrial know-how, rigor and expertise, with the flexibility and costs of a light structure.

Most GMP-compliant CMOs have a constraining and heavy structure, which is ill-suited to customisation and lacks the pricing options required for lighter projects. When it comes to production, most academic platforms and CROs are limited in capacity, industrial expertise or quality management.

Purposely positioned as a non-GMP CDMO, GTP is perfectly adapted to projects that do not require full GMP compliance.

wide range of diagnostic, biopharma and biotech companies trust us for our high-quality services and skills to supply their antigen or antibody reagents for diagnostic and analytical assays, protein-based ancillary reagents for cell and tissue therapies as well as protein reagents for innovative technology tools.

Top-level quality control & quality management system

The GTP team offers substantial, diversified expertise in recombinant protein manufacturing for all classical microbial, mammalian and insect cell expression systems, including E. coliP. pastoris, CHO, HEK, Sf9. Our facilities include pilot scale fermenters, bioreactors and downstream process equipment that is scaled for decagram batches. 

We also offer a comprehensive range of characterization methods and expert skills in analytical development, early stage formulation and stability studies, to build a custom package for your molecule.

We're fully aware that, even when GMP compliance is not mandatory, your project still requires the level of documentation that supports the process and product consistency. Our quality management system provides process control and traceability according to the highest standards of the industry. While our approach is clearly inspired by GMP guidelines, we are free to adapt our practices to best fit your needs for rigour and flexibility.


Non GMP manufacturing 1 P. pastoris