Expert CDMO for proteins & mAbs

GTP offers expert process development & manufacturing services for recombinant proteins and antibodies.

We support innovative protein development projects from the early development phases to industrialisation, to ensure their success.

Agile CDMO for recombinant proteins and antibodies

GTP is a customer-centric and science-driven CDMO offering integrated services to help transition your proteins & mAbs projects from the discovery lab bench through to GMP manufacturing.

Our team has extensive experience in process development and a vivid scientific interest for all types of protein and antibody development projects, even if they are “non-conventional” & challenging.

We customise our solutions to each project and always focus on developing the best process for each specific molecule, in addition to providing valuable flexibility and guidance through your project.

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Dedicated & expert team in process development

We are very proud of our team of seasoned and highly qualified professionals committed to the success of your projects.

We are convinced that high scientific level combined with industry experience are key to deliver the highest quality of services to our customers. Our project managers and technical team members have a strong scientific background and an average of 10 years’ experience in the biotechnology industry.

Our team has collectively worked on over 1,400 recombinant protein and antibody projects.



Our management

Eric Devic
Hervé Ginisty
Séverine Hountondji
Head of business development
Naziha Barbouche
Head of projects managers
Julie Dejean
Administrative & Financial Manager
Grégori Gross
Bid Manager
Nathalie Miraglio
Head of analytics
Nicolas Tremillon
Head of USP
Thomas Duvignau
Head of DSP

Proven track record in recombinant protein production

  • 20

    + years expertise

  • 1400

    + protein production projects

  • 1000

    + different challenging proteins

  • 30

    + processes developed & transfered

GTP started offering custom production services for recombinant proteins and antibodies in 2000. Since then, we have expressed over 1,000 different proteins (antibodies, antibody fragments, enzymes, cytokines, hormones, receptors…) and have developed a unique mix of protein science and process know-how.

Our experience covers all prominent microbial, mammalian and insect cell expression systems such as E. coli, P. pastoris, CHO, HEK and Sf9 cells. Through working on non-conventional and often challenging protein projects, our team has acquired a unique agility to develop downstream processes for a diversity of molecules.

We are committed to offer high quality services



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