About us

Our mission is to find customised solutions to meet your recombinant protein needs

GTP is a customer-centric organization dedicated to providing a high level of flexibility, open communication, responsiveness and confidentiality.

With over 15 years experience providing recombinant protein production services, we have acquired a solid know-how and are able to design solutions for even the most challenging proteins

When the company started off, over 15 years ago, GTP was one of the very few private organisations to offer custom services for recombinant protein production. Since then, we have expressed over 800 different proteins - most often challenging – and developed a unique mix of protein science and process expertise. GTP is well placed to help transition your projects from early discovery through to transfer to manufacturing.

Our team, composed of dedicated and dynamic scientists is driven by a desire to continuously improve the quality of our protein expression services. Our facilities host the appropriate equipment to support the development of bioprocesses with multiple expression systems for a wide range of proteins and applications.

We are also working with a set of partners to provide advanced and integrated solutions for the success of your recombinant protein projects.