Know how

Our unique focus is to develop the best process for your recombinant protein

Driven by our vivid scientific interest for all protein projects, and perhaps particularly for “non-conventional” ones, GTP has accumulated a vast and diversified experience.

With our combination of research and process cultures, we offer protein production services that help transition your project from the discovery lab bench through to manufacturing.

Drawing on our combined experience of a diversity of proteins and expression systems, we offer custom services perfectly suited to meet your protein and antibody production needs for your research and POC studies. Through our experience in development, scale-up, validation and transfer, we will help you understand the challenges ahead from the get-go.
When it is time to transition the project to manufacturing, our process development services for proteins are focused on developing the best process for your protein, always with process transfer in mind. For your monoclonal antibodies development projects, our mAb process development services are designed to offer fast-track development and seamless process transfer to manufacturing.
When your protein programme does not require production under GMP environment, we offer with our non-GMP manufacturing services a combination of expertise, capabilities, flexibility and quality perfectly suited to a diversity of needs: batch production for activity and tox studies, reagents supply for diagnostic and analytical assays, etc…