Why GTP?

Expert scientists with a unique mix of protein research proficiency and process expertise

GTP is the ideal partner to take your recombinant protein from the discovery lab bench through to manufacturing.

Efficient solutions for production of even the most challenging recombinant proteins

At GTP, we have a vivid scientific interest in "non-conventional" protein development projects. We handle an array of proteins and expression systems every day, which allows us to design production processes for even the most challenging proteins. Over the last 15 years, our experts have completed over 1,300 of these challenging projects for a wide range of recombinant proteins: enzymes, cytokines, growth factors, hormones, receptors, transcription factors, antibodies…

A unique combination of expert protein science and industrial know-how

We combine our experience with a vast range of molecules with a unique mix of  protein science and industrial know-how. The result is a broad knowledge base and solid know-how, which we bring to every new project. Our 15 years' track record and customer references testify to the rich experience that GTP offers in the design of bioprocesses for multiple project types and applications.

Helping your protein project transition from the lab to manufacturing 

The Placental Malaria vaccine development case study shows how GTP can help transition your projects from research through to manufacturing. This project started with a multi-system feasibility study in order to define the most suitable expression system. GTP then designed the complete production process, which was successfully transfered to a CMO for GMP-compliant manufacturing.