Protein expression in P. pastoris

Expert P. pastoris expression services to develop highly productive strains and processes

P. pastoris is a high-potential industrial platform for the expression and production of recombinant proteins. The GTP team is long convinced of this expression system's many advantages, which can be used for many recombinant proteins and applications.

P. pastoris, a cost-effective expression system

Pichia pastoris is one of the most extensively used systems for recombinant protein expression. The expiry of key patents, as well as emerging new technologies, open the door for more types of proteins and applications, such as new antibody scaffolds.

Pichia's greatest advantage results from its high heterologous protein secretion capacity, which, combined with low levels of endogenous protein secretion, leads to simplified downstream processes. In addition, Pichia pastoris can be grown to high cell densities, resulting in high protein yields per litre of culture, which makes it a highly cost-efficient eukaryotic system.

The GTP team has successfully used Pichia system to express enzymes, cytokines, antibody-derived fragments…

P. pastoris

Custom services for efficient P. pastoris  expression and production

To help your recombinant protein project on its way to successful expression and production in P. pastoris, GTP offers customised services that span the entire range from gene or sequence to highly productive expression strains and processes:

  • Generation of P. pastoris strain
  • Screening of high and hyper-producing clones
  • Development and optimisation of fed-batch fermentation strategies