Custom recombinant protein production

Efficient solutions for the production of even the most challenging recombinant proteins and antibodies

GTP helps you produce the recombinant protein material needed for your research and proof-of-concept studies and assess the manufacturability of your protein to de-risk the later stages of your project.

Unique expertise in R&D protein production

Recombinant protein development projects generally start with a research-scale production for in vitro and in vivo studies or to assess the developability of the molecule. These feasibility studies are key to the success of a global protein programme. They should be conducted with agility, with a mind that's open to innovation and that fully understands the risks of each option.

The majority of CMOs, whose mission is to manufacture proteins for clinical trials and market supply, are neither willing nor structured appropriately to be competitive for this type of studies. Most academic protein platforms or CROs are able to produce milligram-scale quantities of recombinant proteins, but may lack the overall perspective your project needs. This often leads to a project redesign along the way and extra added costs.

GTP's experts have a vivid scientific interest in both classical and unconventional protein projects. Over the last 19 years, we have acquired vast experience with over 1,400 different  recombinant protein projects. A large number of these projects belonged to the Proof-of-Concept part of a larger development project, in which we were also involved.


Efficient solutions for highly challenging protein production projects

We believe that no single expression system is ideal for each and every protein. As a consequence, we work with a broad selection of expression systems to provide solutions on a case-by-case basis. We have acquired over 19 years of experience in all prominent industrial microbial, mammalian and insect cell expression systems such as E. coliP. pastoris, CHOHEK and Sf9.

We combine our experience with hundreds of challenging recombinant proteins with our process development skills to advise on the most suitable and least risky strategy for your project.

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