High throughput antibody production

Accelerate your therapeutic antibody development programme

Our high-throughput antibody production services are designed to provide you with the antibody material needed during your drug screening process.

CHO cell line development

GTP’s high-throughput mAbs production services

For timely production of your monoclonal antibodies, we have developed high-throughput transient transfection services using our optimised in-house protocol. We can conduct hundreds of transfections in parallel in both CHO and HEK cells.

Our services are designed to provide you with several milligrams of your antibodies to accelerate your drug screening process. They start from your antibodies' sequences all the way to the delivery of purified antibodies with an analytical package that can be adapted to your needs.


Process transfer 2

A comprehensive range of services for antibody development programmes

This service can be combined with our antibody humanisation service for the production of the generated antibody variants.

When you have selected your lead candidate, we also offer scale-up of production either by transient transfection or by developing parental clones (stable pools) or stable clones.