Custom recombinant antibody production

We meet your antibody production needs for your in vitro and in vivo studies

GTP provides all the antibody material you need to validate biological activity, screen and optimize antibody humanisation variants or perform preclinical trials in animal models. Our expertise also includes antibody engineering & humanisation to help you move your therapeutic antibody from discovery to preclinical development.

Optimized transient transfection in CHO and HEK cells

In order to deliver your antibodies in short turnaround times, we use an efficient transient transfection platform for the production of antibody quantities ranging from micrograms to grams. Thanks to optimized expression conditions, we routinely obtain high expression yields for a variety of human and mouse antibodies. We can produce up to a hundred antibodies in parallel for screening purposes in either  CHO or HEK cells, depending on your requirements.


Customized CHO cell line development services

When your project requires large scale production of your antibody or when you have selected your lead candidate and want to obtain a stable clone to move to manufacturing, you might be interested by our CHO cell line development services

By generating parental clones or stable clones, we can provide up to tens of grams of your antibody.


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