L. lactis

Our proprietary bacterial expression system LactXpress, based on the Lactococcus lactis bacteria, constitutes an alternative & innovative expression system for the production of challenging recombinant proteins.

LactXpress represents an alternative and innovative system for the production of high-added-value proteins

LactXpress presents several advantages when compared to other bacterial systems

L. lactis

Among the main advantages of Lactococcus lactis is the fact that the recombinant protein is efficiently secreted into the culture medium, with few endogenous proteins, resulting in a simplified purification process.

Combined with the fact that L. lactis does not produce endotoxins, this represents a great advantage when compared to E. coli. In addition, with a very simple metabolism and rapid growth without aeration, L. lactis is easy to cultivate and the production volume can be readily scaled up from a few millilitres to thousands of litres in just one step.

Our LactXpress system includes both inducible (Patent file n°FR0210805) and constitutive promoters (Patent FR 0954785). With our protease-free strain, L. lactis htrA (Patent file n°FR 9816462) devoid of any surface protease, we can improve expression yield and recombinant protein stability.

Our feasibility services and licensing opportunities enable you to evaluate the LactXpress system

To evaluate the LactXpress system for your specific protein, we offer our feasibility study custom service which comprises the vector construction, expression trials in mini-reactors with wild-type or HtrA- strains, and the delivery of protein samples.

If you would prefer to try the system by yourself, LactXpress is available for licensing. When needed for research purposes, we offer an easy-to-use research license. If your application is industrial, we propose an exclusive or non-exclusive commercial license. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the terms of the license agreement.