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Process development for recombinant proteins

With more than 15 years’ experience and a unique mix of protein research culture and strong process development expertise, GTP provides solutions to even the most challenging recombinant protein development projects.

Our unique focus is to develop the best process for your recombinant protein

We have acquired vast experience with challenging recombinant protein projects 

When contemplating a development programme for a novel complex recombinant protein, one of the keys to success is understanding the unique challenge posed by your specific protein.

The majority of CMOs with a main mission to manufacture for clinical trials and market supply are reluctant to take on process development projects that do not fall under a well-established standard.

At GTP, we have a vivid scientific interest in “non-conventional” protein development projects. We have carried out over 1200 of them  spanning a wide range of proteins: enzymes, cytokines, growth factors, hormones, receptors, transcription factors… and have achieved widespread recognition for our expertise in the development of upstream and downstream processes for challenging proteins.

We offer a comprehensive set of capabilities to design customised upstream and downstream processes for your protein

Convinced that no single expression system is ideal for each and every protein, we work with various ones to offer solutions on a case by case basis. Over more than 15 years, we have developed a substantial experience in all prominent industrial microbial, mammalian and insect cells expression systems such as E. coliP. pastoris, CHOHEK and Sf9.

Drawing on our track-record  and multi-IP free-system capability, we offer a science-based decision for system selection.

In most cases, novel or challenging recombinant proteins present a purification challenge.

Through the diversity of proteins and customers GTP has worked with, our scientists have acquired the necessary agility to customise downstream processes to each specific case.

Our unique focus is to develop the best process for your recombinant protein: we adapt the process to the protein, not the other way around.

We will always share our vision and realistic expectations on the project. When the well-established standards are not applicable, we bring innovation with process transferability in mind. The methods and platforms we use when developing the process for your recombinant protein are identical to those used by most CMOs, for a cost-effective and seamless transfer to the cGMP manufacturing suite of your choice.

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