Construct design

Based on our experience over hundreds of projects, we know how crucial it is for the expression of challenging recombinant proteins and antibodies to design optimised genes and constructs.

With our strong molecular biology background, we help develop the most efficient system for your protein

Case study

Our scientists have a strong background in molecular biology on which we have drawn over time to develop tricks and tools to increase the expression.

We have developed our own gene optimisation tool (see our blog article “How to make  gene optimisation for expression  in Escherichia coli a piece of cake”) which takes into account parameters that are usually left aside by gene synthesis companies (such as mRNA secondary structure in the translational initiation and slippage-prone sequences). We use this tool on each project where synthesis is required.

We also offer a set of commercial vectors as well as our own customised vectors, for each classical expression systems.

For E. coli for example, we have developed four IP-free vectors with different features, all designed to improve protein expression and stability. For projects with an industrial application, we will most often suggest the use of these vectors.

For projects that require specific construct design, we are pleased to offer consultancy services to help you develop the most efficient system for your challenging protein.