Upstream process development – Microbial

With a large number of processes developed and transferred to manufacturing facilities, we bring our substantial experience to help you overcome your microbial expression challenge.

With over 20 microbial processes developed, we offer the guarantee of a seamless transfer to manufacturing

We offer customised process development services to meet your quality and time objectives

We have supported over 20 microbial process development programs, delivering either processes for decagram batches such as for preclinical studies, or a robust and scalable process for transfer to a GMP facility.

Be it for E. coli or P. pastoris systems, our focus is on developing high-expressing strains and identifying the optimal expression conditions for high titer and critical quality attributes while ensuring process robustness and scalability.

With the nature of your protein and your IP constraints in mind, we will suggest the appropriate expression platform. For E. coli, our optimised IP-free vectors, designed for improved protein expression and stability, are, most of the time, the best option. 

For very challenging protein, when traditional E. coli systems have failed, we offer to evaluate innovative E. coli strains through our partnerships with research platforms and technology companies.

We have developed an agile organisation which offers the necessary flexibility to meet your timelines through fast-track process development.

Our experienced team will deliver a robust, efficient and scalable upstream process, ready to transfer

We offer a comprehensive set of process development services to deliver GMP ready upstream processes:

  • Strain Development.
  • Selection of strain and cell bank generation (RCB & MCB)
  • Media & feed development and optimisation.
  • Development of batch, fed-batch or perfusion processes.
  • Identification of critical process parameters.
  • Optimisation of existing processes.
  • Support for transfer to manufacturing.

Our fermentation facilities host the appropriate equipment for each development stage, from 2 to 5L glass fermenters for process optimisation, to 50L stainless steel fermenters for pilot production. The methods and platforms used are among the standards of most CMOs, for a cost-effective and seamless transfer to the cGMP manufacturing suite of your choice.

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