Mammalian cells

GTP has over 15 years of experience producing recombinant proteins and antibodies in mammalian cells. We offer both IP-free and cutting-edge proprietary expression technologies to meet your needs all along your protein development programme.

Our innovative mammalian technologies and structured development services meet a diversity of needs

We have successfully expressed a variety of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies and antibody fragments in mammalian systems.

Mammalian cells are in most cases the optimal system to produce recombinant mammalian proteins, because of their capacity for proper protein folding, post-translational modifications, and protein assembly, which are important for complete biological activity.

In the last decade, the increase in large molecule therapeutic development has resulted in the emergence of more cost-effective and efficient mammalian systems. CHO is currently the main host for commercial production of therapeutic proteins, including monoclonal antibody (mAbs).

Our expertise using mammalian systems derives from our diversified experience with monoclonal antibodies and antibody fragments for therapeutic development programmes , virus-like particles for vaccine development, membrane target proteins for research studies…

We offer a comprehensive range of services for the expression of your protein in a mammalian system

Mammalian cells

For the successful production of your protein or antibody in mammalian cells, we offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Transient transfection or stable pools (HEK or CHO) production for early studies.
  • CHO cell line development.
  • Generation of cell banks (RCB & MCB).
  • Optimisation of cell culture parameters for high titer and/or product quality.

For early activity studies, we have developed an efficient transient transfection platform in either CHO or HEK cells allowing the production of antibody quantities ranging from micrograms to grams. With our optimised expression conditions, we routinely achieve high expression yields for a variety of human and mouse antibodies.

For early stages of process development, we offer, through our partnerships with technology companies, CHO cell line development and banking (Research and Master Cell Bank) services. Depending on your requirements and constraints, we will opt for IP-free or proprietary technologies to develop high-titer mammalian cell lines.

We offer complete upstream process development services for mammalian cells