Insect cells

Since its foundation 15 years ago, GTP has acquired a great knowledge in the expression of proteins in insect cells-baculovirus system. We are experts in the production of target proteins for research, reagent proteins for diagnostic and analytical assays, and of vaccine proteins with this system.

We have the adequate expertise and modular capacities to meet diverse insect cell manufacturing needs

We have successfully expressed over 200 different proteins in insect cells

The popularity of the insect cells-baculovirus system comes from its ability to produce relatively large quantities of post-translationally modified eukaryotic proteins in a relatively short period of time and with competitive production costs.

Since the system is lytic, it is suited for both intracellular and secreted proteins, and is ideal for those with inhibitory or toxic effects on mammalian host cells.

For this reason, it has been largely used for the production of a variety of target proteins. But this lytic feature is a limitation for industrial production, for which mammalian cells are still largely preferred, particularly for therapeutic projects.

For very challenging cases, when exploring the potential of insect cells for large scale production is necessary, GTP has perfectly suited expertise and capabilities.

Insect cells

We offer a comprehensive range of services for the expression of your protein in insect cells

For successful production in insect cells, we offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Generation of recombinant baculovirus and virus stock preparation
  • Production and characterisation of cell and virus banks
  • Optimisation of cell culture critical parameters

Depending on your project stage, your objectives and your IP constraints, we will suggest the insect cells-baculovirus technologies best suited to your needs.

We offer process development services for insect cells