E. coli

With over 400 diverse recombinant proteins successfully expressed in Escherichia coli, multiple process developments and transfers to GMP facilities, GTP’s experience will help overcome your E. coli expression challenges. 

We help you define the best platform and process for a successful production of your protein in E. coli

Escherichia coli is the expression platform in 40% of our projects

Because its genetics are understood more than those of any other microorganism and because of its high yields combined with low production costs, Escherichia coli is the most widely used host for recombinant protein expression.

Whether it is for the development of a therapeutic or a vaccine, or the production of a reagent for research studies or diagnostics development, we always consider E. coli as a first choice.
An exception is for the expression of complex proteins that require post-translational modifications, where systems such as mammalian cellsinsect cells or yeasts are preferred.

E. coli

We offer our expertise in protein expression and process development with E. coli

For the successful production of your recombinant protein in E. coli, we offer customised services that include:

  • E. coli strain development.
  • Generation of research cell bank.
  • Yield optimisation in small-scale feasibility studies for soluble / insoluble, periplasmic/cytoplasmic expressions.
  • Screening and optimisation of critical parameters for solubilisation and refolding.
  • Development of efficient, robust and scalable strategies for batch, fed-batch and chemostat fermentations.

When the intent is to industrialise the protein production, and IP issues are crucial, we offer our optimised IP-free vectors that are designed for improved protein expression and stability.

For very challenging protein, when classic E. coli systems have failed, we can offer to evaluate innovative E. coli strains through our partnership with research platforms and technology companies.