Downstream process development

With over 15 years of experience and a culture based on protein research and translation to process development, GTP provides solutions for purification of even the most challenging recombinant proteins.

We customise purification processes to each specific protein with transferability always in mind

Our downstream process development services cover the full development cycle of protein projects

For each project, we develop a customised approach to meet your objectives.

Should you require a one-shot small production for your research or POC studies, we will concentrate on developing a purification scheme ensuring maximal purity and yield, using one of several purification tags whenever acceptable, for speed and cost reasons.

For projects in the later development phase, our services aim at developing a process delivering the required purity and quality attributes, while ensuring process robustness, reproducibility and scalability.

With over 800 proteins produced, we have developed rarely-matched purification skills

When considering the development of a purification process, each protein presents a unique challenge. Through the diversity of proteins and customers we have worked with, our scientists have acquired the agility to customise downstream processes to each specific case.

For antibodies, we will apply platform approaches to accelerate the process development.

For proteins for which the classic technologies are not applicable, we bring innovation into the process, with transferability always in mind.

Our team develops purification schemes from scratch, including the following downstream unit operations:

  • Clarification by frontal filtration or centrifugation
  • Tangential flow filtration
  • High pressure homogenisation
  • Precipitation, extraction, refolding
  • Chromatography purification applying a large set of media & supports
  • Nanofiltration, virus or product inactivation


Downstream development 1 Downstream development 2

The methods and platforms used when developing upstream processes for your recombinant protein are identical to those used by most CMOs, for a cost-effective and seamless transfer to the manufacturing suite of your choice.