Analytical methods

GTP has analytical experience based on over 800 diverse recombinant proteins - enzymes, antigens, antibodies, peptides -including product characterisation as well as analytical methods development.

We provide reliable and relevant competencies and methods to match your protein analytical needs

Whether the recombinant protein or antibody is intended for use in research, in preclinical in vivo experiments or as reagent in a marketed product, we provide reliable and relevant analytical packages.

We offer a comprehensive set of methods to support in-process testing, characterisation of product critical attributes and formulation / stability studies. This allows for a tailored match of your needs when it comes to the final product.

Our team’s competencies span transfer, development, qualification and routine testing applying a wide range of analytical methods.

Electrophoretic techniques

  • Capillary electrophoresis
  • IEF
  • Western-blot


  • Size exclusion
  • Reverse phase
  • Ion exchange
  • Affinity

Process residuals

  • HCP determination by ELISA
  • Endotoxins quantification by LAL
  • DNA quantification by qPCR
  • Microbiological contamination (Bioburden)

Potency assays

  • Enzymatic activity
  • Binding assays via Elisa and BioLayer Interferometry (BLItz®)

Mass spectrometry

  • Intact mass
  • Peptide mapping
  • Post translational modifications
  • Glycan profile

Biophysical characterisation

  • DLS
  • MALS
  • Thermal shift assay (Thermofluor®)


Most analyses are performed in-house. For mass spectrometry, we have an established partnership with Proteodynamics. They are experts in glycosylation, glycomics and in the characterisation of proteins and peptides by mass spectrometry and analytical chromatography.

Analytical methods 2