GTP provides solutions to even the most challenging recombinant protein projects

We will focus on developing the most efficient system and process for the production of your protein or antibody.

With our large set of capabilities, we can offer protein expression and purification services tailored to a diversity of proteins and applications.

GTP provides the right combination of capacities and competencies for the supply of high quality protein material and process. Our team has long-standing experience handling complete protein and antibody production projects from the early engineering stages up to final characterisation.

Convinced that no single expression system is ideal for each and every protein, we work with various ones to offer solutions on a case by case basis. Over more than 15 years, we have developed a substantial experience in the design optimized genes and constructs for all prominent industrial microbial, mammalian and insect cells expression systems such as E. coliP. pastoris, CHOHEK and Sf9.

Our upstream capabilities cover both mammalian & insect cell culture and microbial process and range from small to pilot scale. Through the diversity of recombinant proteins and customers GTP has worked with, our scientists have acquired the necessary agility to develop downstream processes customised to each specific case.

When it comes to final product characterisation, we are able to set-up analytical packages tailored to your needs as our team’s competencies span a wide range of analytical methods.