Mammalian upstream process development

High-quality mammalian process development services for GMP-ready upstream processes

Our USP development services aim at defining optimal culture parameters for the desired titer, determine quality attributes and ensure process robustness and scalability.

GMP-ready upstream processes

Our services include a comprehensive set of activites:

  • Cell line development.
  • Cell line adaptation (e.g. to serum-free or suspension culture).
  • Generation of cell banks (RCB & MCB).
  • Media & feed development and optimisation
  • Development of batch, fed-batch or perfusion processes.
  • Identification of critical process parameters.
  • Optimisation of existing processes.
  • Support for transfer to manufacturing.

GTP offers the flexibility your project needs and the ability to quickly adapt to process change requirements, which are a commun occurrence in bioprocess development. Our services also include fast-track process development when timelines need to be condensed.

State-of-the art equipment to fit your project

Our cell culture facilities include high-quality equipment for every development stage, from small to pilot scale:

  • Screening experiments: spinner, shake flasks, roller bottles.
  • Process development bioreactors: 3 to 10L.
  • Pilot bioreactors: 10L to 100L.
Mammalian cells development 1 Mammalian cells development 2