Our Quality Management System provides a high level of process controls and traceability

At GTP, we are continuously seeking ways to improve our technologies, procedures and the results we deliver for our customers.

As a CRO, we are committed to guaranteeing the integrity, reliability and traceability of all collected data. We have built a Quality Management System encompassing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), working instructions which are continuously monitored and improved as well as staff training and project reviews.

We are able to provision high quality services through coordinated efforts from management and personnel in order to:

  • Ensure that client requirements are met.
  • Foster responsibility, cooperation and teamwork.
  • Ensure that all company activities are monitored and documented.
  • Maintain the best organisational, technical, management and administrative processes.

The quality of our procedures and services and our compliance to requirements is ensured through:

  • Strict implementation of our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Continuous personnel training including knowledge and compliance assessments.
  • Regular audits, internal as well as initiated by customers who wish to verify our Quality Standards.
  • Implementation of a CAPA system with root cause analysis and close follow-up leading to continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.

Our Quality Management System provides process controls and traceability consistent with best practices in most industries. While clearly inspired by GMP guidance, we are free to adapt to best fit your demand for rigour and flexibility.