Protein science & industrial know-how

Thanks to its unique combination of research and process cultures, GTP is the ideal partner to take your protein from the discovery lab bench through to manufacturing.

The team at GTP is made up of people with solid research backgrounds and a vivid scientific interest for protein science.

When the company started off, over 15 years ago, it was one of the very few private organisations to offer custom services for recombinant protein production. Since then, our team has expressed over 800 different proteins - most often challenging – with a diversity of systems. This experience across a wide range of molecules, combined with our appetite for protein science and innovation, results in a broad knowledge base and a solid know-how, which we bring to each new project.

At GTP we are convinced that innovation can be combined with process, and agility with rigour. 

Research & process

Having worked on multiple industrial applications, our project management team understands the constraints of such projects and manages them with expertise, rigour and quality and with a global programme perspective.

While maintaining the flexibility and agility that is our trademark, we work in close partnership with several CMOs and consultants to ensure our quality management system, methods, procedures, platforms and records meet the requirements of industrial manufacturing. Our track-record of successful handovers to a diversity of CMO companies gives the assurance that GTP offers the expected level of process expertise.


GTP offers a unique mix of protein research proficiency and process expertise.